Thursday, 18 May 2017

What's Picasso Today?

What is Picasso Today?

We are a group of 8 artists with common interest:



and Art!

We are also interested in new opportunities to think, decide and create, focussing on a specific topic.

On this occasion, each artist of the group will express their self  through their personal creative language and artistic medium (Ceramic, Paper, Fabric, Artwork, Performance, Acrylic, Sculptures, etc.) expressing what ART means for each one.

The focus will be on the artworks and / or the life of the famous artist  Picasso!

Gemma Garcia, Art Group Coordinator and Curator, has invited different artists living in Brisbane- Australia, to participate in this project.

Gemma is fascinated by the idea of ​​ this project: Australian Artists transforming and expressing what the Spanish artist and his Artworks means to them, taking the opportunity to create links between both countries; in addition to the fact that Art has neither cultural nor language barriers.

At the moment, all the brains of the 8 artists are reaching their full potential with a 'brain storm' that we still do not know the outcome.

What artistic surprises are going to emerge and impress the Brisbane public!

Artists in alphabetical order:

Amelia Nufer

Ana Maria Duque

Gemma Garcia-Roman

Kelli Rogers

Meana Taee

Tanya Hempson

Trisha Lambi

Yaro Starak

OPENING NIGHT: October 27th

Opening night time: 6pm to 9pm

Days of the exhibition: 

October 27th to November 7th, 2017

Place: Jugglers Art Gallery

Exhibition time: Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Weekends by appointment: 0421514907


103 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Welcome! Picasso Today- Art Group Exhibition

Welcome to the PICASSO TODAY BLOG!

“Picasso Today” is the theme of the Art group exhibition. 

It is an invitation to the  Australian Artists to investigate and discover the Spanish culture and Artworks of this famous artist. 

Artists are encouraged to transform these ideas of the Spanish Icon Picasso into a contemporary interpretation of his Artworks and life today in Australia.

Pictures ®  Picasso

Here you will found all of the information related with the Upcoming 


of 8 Amazing Artists!

We will be working in the creation of a lot of MASTERPIECES!

until the day of the Art Group Exhibition!


Opening night Day:   October 27th

Opening night Time: Information soon

Exhibition Dates: October 27th to November 7th

Exhibition days & time: Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Saturdays & Sundays by appointment

Phone contact: 0421 514 907


103 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, for exhibition openings and events, or by appointment
Phone: +61 7 32 522 552


Picasso was Born: 25 October 1881, M├ílaga, Spain

We will have a big PICASSO'S Birthday PARTY of 136 years!

YOU ARE invited!

More Information soon!


Gemma Garcia
Art Group Coordinator & Curator

Monday, 8 May 2017

2017, Art Group Exhibition- Artist- Gemma Garcia- Roman

2017, Art Group Exhibition



Paper Mache, 
Found objects, 
60cm x 60cm x 70cm

Available ONLY  150 copies

Patterned Nepalese paper from Toronto (Canada)
Japanesse Black Ink
50cm x 60cm

Unframed $185.00 Aud
Framed $ 225 Aud

Paper mache
40cm X 30 cm

$75.00 AUD

Gemma Garcia & Sharmila Nezovic 

 Opening night
Art Group exhibition: Eleven faces of Frida Kahlo
2016-BIA. Brisbane

One copy SOLD
Available ONLY  149 copies

Patterned Nepalese paper from Toronto
Japanesse Black Ink
50cm x 60cm

Unframed $185.00 Aud
 Framed $ 225 Aud

Installation NFS
Art Group Exhibition 12 Artists
Eleven faces of Frida Kahlo
Gemma Garcia
Art Group Coordinator


All images have copyright ®



2015                Brisbane City Council ARTFORCE Awards. Winner Best ENERGEX Cabinet 2015. Urban Smart Projects. (February 08th 2016). Australia.
2014                Brisbane City Council ARTFORCE Awards. Overall Winner Category 2014. Urban Smart projects. (February 16th 2015). Australia.
2014                Brisbane City Council ARTFORCE Awards. JOINT RUNNER-UP in the Overall Winner Category 2014. Urban Smart projects. (February 16th 2015). Australia.

Artist Official Education:
2014                Diploma of Visual Arts. Southbank. Tafe. Brisbane. Australia. 
2013                Certificate IV Visual Arts. Ithaca. Tafe. Brisbane. Australia.
2010                Aura Soma Therapy Level 2. Learning the colors and the soul. (Linda Graham's teacher) Brisbane. Australia.
1995                Association of Art (Agustin Ahis’s Sculpture teacher) Castellon- Spain. Learning classical sculptures.
1986                Art Academy (Valladolid) Spain- Classical Art. Oil painting.

Artist Education:
2015                ART 101 Classes. Teacher: Mel Sebastian (January – February, 2015).
2014                Art Camp Moreton Island. Teacher: Stephen Newton.

Relevant Official Education:
2015                Certificate IV Training and Assessment. Tafe, Brisbane. Australia.

Professional Experience:
2013/2016       Paper mache sculptor. Gemma Garcia’s Studio.
2013                Designer and Editor of the book “Ser Padres Gestalticos”. (How to be a Gestalt parent). Y. Starak, G Garcia and other writers. Spanish language book.
2012                Designer of the Book cover of the: “The princess and the Dragon” Y. Starak author.
2012                Organizer of the second Art Therapy Conference (Bali) Indonesia.
2011                Organizer of the first Art Therapy Conference. (Bali) Indonesia: Working with Art and Therapy.
2010                Founder with Yaro Starak of the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre. Brisbane, Australia.
2008                Creator and Co-Director of the CAT (Capability Art Therapy) Gestalt Art therapy on line training (Spanish language).

Current artistic work:
2017                Curator, Art Group Exhibition Coordinator of the next project: Picasso Today. Jugglers Art Space. Brisbane. October 2017.
2017                Mural Commission. The Galleries in Brunswick. Fortitude Valley. Brisbane.
2016                Curator, Coordinator & Artist participant in the Exhibition: “Eleven faces of Frida Kahlo” Group exhibition. July 2016. Mixed media, Paper Sculptures, Installations. Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA).
2015                Mixed media, Paper Sculptures, Installations. Street Art. Work in progress for Art Galleries Exhibitions.
2014                Mixed Media. Video Installations. Work in process. Gemma Garcia’s studio.
2013                Mixed Media. Ancient Creatures. Work in process. Gemma Garcia’s studio
2010                Mixed Media. Women without mouth. Work in process. Gemma Garcia’s studio

Exhibition Record

Solo Exhibitions:
2016                “Dancing with Bulls”. Park(ing) day Art Installation. Little Stanley St. South Bank. Brisbane. Brisbane City Council. Rebar Group. (September 2016).
2014                Ancient Creatures, PATIO Gallery. Noosaville. Qld (February 2014).

Group Exhibitions:
2016                “Dancing with Bulls Art Installation” selected to participate in Brisbane PARK(ing) Day, 2016. One of the 26 teams selected to transforming car parks across Brisbane with an Art Installation. Rebar Group & Brisbane City Council.
2016                BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art). “Eleven Faces of Frida Kahlo” Life & Resilience, Art Group exhibition. (July 22nd to August 3rd 2016).
2016                Lethbridge 10 000 Award. Finalist for the 2016 Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award. GROUP 1. Gallery Finalists.
2015                Lethbridge 10 000 Award. Finalist for the 2015 Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award. GROUP 2. Online Gallery Finalists.
2015                Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards. Exhibition (May 6th to 24th, 2015).
2014                Pine Rivers Art Gallery. Moreton Bay Regional Council. “Flights of Fancy” (December 4th to 24th, 2014).
2014                BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art). “Make Believe” (December 5th to 10th 2014).
2014                Southbank Campus. TAFE. Art Graduates final exhibition. Diploma Visual Arts, (November 6th 2014).
2014                BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art). “This side up” BIA members Exhibition: Ancient Creatures. (April 2014).
2013                Ithaca Campus. TAFE. Art Graduates final exhibition. Certificate IV Visual Arts. (June 2013).

Artist Catalogue
Gemma Garcia’s Art Catalogue 

Private Art Collectors
Margi Brown Ash ( Australia

Professional Organizations:
Corporate Member Flying Arts (Co-Director of the Gestalt Art Therapy Centre)
BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art) Australia.
NAVA (National Association for de Visual Arts. Ltd) Brisbane. Australia.
Papermakers of Queensland inc.
ANZATA (Australia & New Zealand Art Therapy Association).
AATA (American Art Therapy Association).

Sunday, 7 May 2017

2017, Art Group Exhibition- Artist- Yaro Starak

2017, Art Group Exhibition


Yaro Starak


Cubism "Violins"
Acrylic on canvas 
Pick up only

Cubism "Wine'
Acrylic on canvas 
Pick up only

Frida's patio - $ 195.00
Acrylic on canvas 
Pick up only

Frida Kahlo house - $  250.00
Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 
Pick up only

Ukrainian village 
Acrylic on canvas 
60cm x 50cm
$ 195.00


All images have copyright ®

Friday, 7 April 2017

2017, Art Group Exhibition- Artist- Kelli Rogers

2017, Art Group Exhibition


Kelli Rogers

All images have copyright ®


Kelli Rogers is a highly skilled and passionate Arts Educator with over 10 years of teaching experience and more than 5 years of Arts Administration and Coordination experience.  She has worked for Catholic Education Schools in both Queensland and Victoria teaching the subjects Drama, Dance, English and Religious Education to secondary students.  While living in Victoria, Kelli was given the opportunity to work as an Artist in Residence and The Schools and Artists Coordinator for a performing arts festival facilitated by The Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital.  The festival offered young people living in ‘at risk’ communities the chance to collaborate with local artists to create performance work that was shared at the festival’s live community events.  After working with The Festival for Healthy Living, Kelli went on to assist the Musica Viva In Schools program in Queensland working as the QLD Education Coordinator.  While working with MVIS, she helped to administer live music performances in schools and assisted in developing two ensembles to shape their stage presentations for school audiences.  Currently Kelli is working with younger students and has returned to teaching, and works at St Finbarr’s Primary School as The Arts specialist.  Kelli considers herself to be an emerging artist with a passion for all forms of artistic expression.    

Graduate Certificate Arts (Creative Writing)
University of Queensland 2011

Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2005

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
Queensland University of Technology 1997

Bachelor of Arts
Queensland University of Technology 1996


Current -  From Term 1 2016                     St Finbarr’s Catholic Primary School (QLD)
·         Arts Specialist P – 6 
Dance, Drama, Media, Music & Visual Arts

Previous – from most recent

Term 1 2015 to Jun 2016                             St Flannan’s Catholic Primary – Zillmere (QLD)

July 2013 to December 2013                      St Peter Claver College - Riverview (QLD)

January to June 2008                                 Ipswich Grammar School - Ipswich (QLD)

2007                                                               Mt St Michael’s College – Ashgrove (QLD)

2001 to 2004                                                Genazzano F.C.J. College – Kew (VIC)
·          Head of Curriculum – Performing and Creative Arts (2002- 2004)

April to December 2000                             Mt Lilydale Mercy College – Lilydale (VIC)

January to April 2000                                 Christian Brothers’ College - St Kilda (VIC)

1998 to 1999                                                  St Augustine’s College – Cairns (QLD)
·          Head of Drama


From July 2011 to present                          Australian Stage Online
·         Brisbane Theatre Review Writer

Arts Administration
Employment History

From March 2011                 Musica Viva  -  Queensland Education Assistant

2006                                       Festival for Healthy Living-  Performing Arts Festival
Artists and Schools Coordinator 
The Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health Services  (VIC)

                                                May to December                   Banyule City Council

                                                January to June                      Moreland City Council

2005                                       Festival for Healthy Living- Performing Arts Festival
Artist in Residence  for Toolangi State Primary School and Chum             Creek Primary School

Personal Interests

Crochet and Embroidery
Mixed Media/Hybrid Arts
Performing Arts
Singing and collaborative song writing
Creative Writing – Short Stories and Poetry
Yoga and Meditation
Word Games, Cryptic Crosswords, Scrabble